Metal Fabrication and Welding Standard

Metal fabrication is the building of metal structures by cutting, bending, and assembling processes. It is a value added process that involves the creation of machines, parts, and structures from various raw materials.

The following workplace competency standards have been identified and prepared by industry people and represent different levels of skills and knowledge required to work within the Office Administration sector of Papua New Guinea.

Level 1

  • MFW-C101 Industrial relations
  • MFW-C102 Workplace Communications — Verbal
  • MFW-C103 General Safety
  • MFW-C104 Manual Handling
  • MFW-C105 Flame Cutting — Basic
  • MFW-C107 Identification and Rectification of Welding Defects
  • MFW-C108 Distortion Control
  • MFW-C109 Process Welding — MMAW
  • MFW-C111 Basic Measuring and Marking
  • MFW-C112 Use of Hand Tools
  • MFW-C113 Use of Portable Power Tools
  • MFW-C114 Use of Heavy Equipment
  • MFW-C115 Reading a Workshop Sketch

Level 2

  • MFW-C201 Workplace Communications — Discussions and Written
  • MFW-C202 Interpreting an Engineering Drawing
  • MFW-C203 Structural Welding of LCS — MMAW
  • MFW-C204 Process Welding — GTAW
  • MFW-C206 Flame Cutting — Advanced
  • MFW-C207 Properties of Fabrication Materials
  • MFW-C208 Development of Basic Shapes
  • MFW-C209 Planning Production Procedures
  • MFW-C210 Assembly and Alignment Techniques
  • MFW-C211 Fabrication of Flat Sided Shapes
  • MFW-C212 Basic Forming to Shape
  • MFW-C213 Cylindrical Forming and Fabrication
  • MFW-C214 Fabrication of Structural Sections
  • MFW-C215 Use of Heavy Cutting Machines
  • MFW-C216 Process Welding — GMAW

Level 3

  • MFW-C301 Fabrication of Pipe Structures
  • MFW-C302 Thermal Cutting and Gouging


  • MFW-E301 Structural Welding of Low Alloy Steels — MMAW
  • MFW-E302 Structural Welding of LCS — GMAW
  • MFW-E303 Structural Welding of Aluminium and Stainless Steel — GMAW
  • MFW-E304 Production Welding of Aluminium and Stainless Steel — GTAW
  • MFW-E305 Pipe Welding — GTAW
  • MFW-E306 Production and Repair Welding — FGW
  • MFW-E307 Development of Complex Shapes
  • MFW-E308 Pipe Fabrication
  • MFW-E309 Conical Forming and Fabrication
  • MFW-E310 Fabrication and Forming of Complex Shapes
  • MFW-E311 Welding Theory for Certification to AS1796
  • MFW-E312 MMAW Plate Welding Practice for AS1796 Certificates 1/1E and 3/3E
  • MFW-E313 MMAW Pipe Welding Practice for AS1796 Certificates 2 and 4
  • MFW-E314 GTAW Pipe Welding Practice for AS1796 Certificate 7
  • MFW-E315 GMAW Plate and Pipe Welding Practice for AS1796 Certificate 8
  • MFW-C316 Process Welding — Braze Welding