Electrical Trade Standard

This stardard provides competencies to install, fit, assemble, erect, operate, test, fault find, alter, repair electrical equipment and includes electrical wiring work only if that work is associated with assembling, maintaining, terminating or altering the wiring between electrical components within a plant or machinery.

The following workplace competency standards have been identified and prepared by industry people and represent different levels of skills and knowledge required to work within the Office Administration sector of Papua New Guinea.

Level 1

  • EF-101 Work Safely
  • EF-102 Communicate In The Workplace
  • EF-103 Install Equipment
  • EF-104 Install and Terminate Cords and Cables
  • EF-105 Perform Welding, Brazing and Soldering Operations
  • EF-106 Use Test Equipment

Level 2

  • EF-201 Plan and Install Wiring Systems - Final Subcircuits
  • EF-202 Assemble Switchboards & Control Panel
  • EF-203 Install and Service Rotating Machines
  • EF-204 Install and Service Luminaires
  • EF-205 Decommission Electrical Equipment

Level 3

  • EF-301 Plan and Install Wiring Systems - Mains and Submains
  • EF-302 Test and Connect Electrical Installations
  • EF-303 Diagnose and Repair Faults in Electrical Circuits
  • EF-304 Prepare a Sketch or Drawing
  • EF-305 Install PLC