Community Development Worker

Someone who has Community Development Worker (CDW) skills knows how to work with families, groups, and communities in ways that are community-led, participatory, inclusive, build local capacity, and encourage self-reliance. People with these skills are critically important for development in PNG.

CDWs might be people from outside the community. For example, agriculture extension officers, District officers, business development officers, NGO field workers, community affairs officers, or company extension officers. CDWs might be people from inside the community. For example, Ward Development Committee or Community Government representatives, grade-12 leavers, youth leaders, Pastors, community volunteers, community educators, women leaders, village liaison officers, and community rangers. Often CDWs will also have other expert skills. For example, an agriculture extension officer might be an expert on farming systems (a didiman) but also someone who has CDW skills.

The following workplace competency standards have been identified and prepared by PNG industry people and represent the common minimum skills and knowledge required for a CDW if they want to work in a way that meets the Standard in the community development sector.

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Level 1 and 2

  • CDW C01 - Conduct Community Awareness
  • CDW C02 - Monitor Community Activity (Sekim Wok)
  • CDW C03 - Facilitate The Start of Group Activity Implementation (Set Gut Na Statim Wok)
  • CDW C04 - Facilitate Agreement (Kamapim Wanbel)
  • CDW C05 - Assist Group to Develop A Plan
  • CDW C06 - Transfer Skills and Knowledge to Group Members (Trainer)
  • CDW C07 - Conduct Community Mapping and Need Analysis (Glasim na Skellim Sindaun)
  • CDW C08 - Evaluate Activity Outcomes (Lukluk Bek na Skellim)

Level 3

  • CDW 301 - Train Trainers
  • CDW 302 - Community Development Worker Workplace Assessor