Carpentry Construction Standard

Carpentry is a skilled trade in which the primary work performed is the cutting, shaping and installation of building materials during the construction of buildings, ships, timber bridges, concrete form work, etc.

Carpenters are usually the first tradesmen on a job and the last to leave.

The following workplace competency standards have been identified and prepared by industry people and represent different levels of skills and knowledge required to work within the Office Administration sector of Papua New Guinea.

Level 1

  • CC-101 OH&S
  • CC-102 Measuring And Marking
  • CC-103 Use Of Holding Down Tools
  • CC-104 Hand Cutting Operations
  • CC-105 Chiselling
  • CC-106 Hand Planing And Sanding
  • CC-107 Boring And Drilling
  • CC-108 Fastening And Jointing
  • CC-109 Basic Building Materials
  • CC-110 Basic Drafting
  • CC-111 Basic Levelling And Plumbing
  • CC-112 Basic Scaffolding
  • CC-113 Maintenance And Safe Use Of Portable Power Tools
  • CC-114 Setting Out And Construction For Stairs
  • CC-115 Basic Concrete Placement
  • CC-116 Basic Hand Excavation
  • CC-117 Timber Identification

Level 2

  • CC-201 Basic Framing Materials Calculations
  • CC-202 Levelling Instruments
  • CC-203 Surface Preparation And Sanding
  • CC-204 Setting Out Domestic Buildings
  • CC-205 Maintenance And Safe Use Of Static Woodworking Machines
  • CC-206 Basic Drafting Techniques
  • CC-207 On-Site Oh&S
  • CC-208 Door Jamb Instalation
  • CC-209 Hang A Door
  • CC-210 Fix Internal Linings
  • CC-211 Internal Sheet Fixing
  • CC-212 Joinery Instalation
  • CC-213 Use Of A Rafter Length Calculation Method
  • CC-214 Simple Hip Roof Setout
  • CC-215 Roof Length Calculation Method For Hip Roof
  • CC-216 Strip Footings Preparation
  • CC-217 Steel Reinforcement For Foundations
  • CC-218 Scaffolding Regulations
  • CC-219 Oh&S Scaffold Skills
  • CC-220 Formwork Construction
  • CC-221 Setting Out And Constructing Internal Stairs
  • CC-222 External Claddings

Level 3

  • CC-301 Recognizing And Repair Structural Defects
  • CC-302 Dead Shoring
  • CC-303 Raking Shoring
  • CC-304 Full Size Formwork Stair Setout
  • CC-305 Construct Formwork & Concrete Quantities For Stairs
  • CC-306 Stripping Concrete Formwork From Stairs
  • CC-307 Profiles For Industrial Buildings
  • CC-308 Column And Beam And Suspended Slab Formwork
  • CC-309 Formwork Stripping
  • CC-310 Suspended Ceiling
  • CC-311 Set Out Of Hip And Valley Roof
  • CC-312 Measure And Cut Valley Rafters
  • CC-313 Scotch Valley Roof
  • CC-314 Truss Roof Identification And Erection
  • CC-315 Truss Fabrication
  • CC-316 Quanities For Domestic Dwellings
  • CC-317 Plan And Specification Reading
  • CC-318 Sketching Construction Details
  • CC-319 Basic Use Of A Theodolite
  • CC-320 Reduced Levelling