Auto Electrical Standard

An auto electrician is a tradesman who specialises in electrical wiring of motor vehicles.

Auto electricians may be employed in the installation of new electrical components or the maintenance and repair of existing electrical components in cars and commercial vehicles.

The following workplace competency standards have been identified and prepared by industry people and represent different levels of skills and knowledge required to work within the Office Administration sector of Papua New Guinea.

Level 1

  • PNG-AE-101 Identify Environmental Requirements in an Automotive Workplace
  • PNG-AE-102 Use Numbers in an Automotive Workplace
  • PNG-AE-103 Read in an Automotive Workplace
  • PNG -AE-104 Apply Automotive Workplace Safety Fundamentals
  • PNG-AE-106 Remove and Tag Automotive Electrical System Components
  • PNG-AE-107 Apply Automotive Electrical System Fundamentals
  • PNG-AE-108 Carry out soldering of Electrical Wiring and Circuits
  • PNG-AE-109 Apply Automotive Mechanical System Fundamentals
  • PNG-AE-110 Carry out Workshop Practice Activities
  • PNG -AE-111 Use and Maintain Basic Measuring Devices
  • PNG-AE-112 Use and Maintain Workplace Tools and Equipment

Level 2

  • PNG-AE-201 Apply Environmental and Sustainability best Practice in an Automotive Workplace
  • PNG – AE-202 Read and apply vehicle wiring schematics and drawings
  • PNG –AE-203 Apply Safe Working practices in an Automotive Workplace
  • PNG –AE-205 Demonstrate Knowledge of Automotive Electrical Circuits and Wiring Systems
  • PNG-AE-206 Remove and Replace Electrical Units and Assemblies
  • PNG-AE-207 Install, Test and Repair Vehicle Lighting and Wiring Systems
  • PNG-AE-208 Install and Test Basic Ancillary Electrical Components
  • PNG-AE-209 Test and Repair Basic Electrical Circuits
  • PNG-AE-210 Inspect and Service Batteries
  • PNG-AE-211 Fabricate, test and repair wiring harnesses and looms
  • PNG-AE-212 Recover Vehicle Refrigerants

Level 3

  • PNG-AE-301 Monitor Environmental and Sustainability Best Practice in the Automotive Mechanical Industry
  • PNG-AE-302 Apply Safe Working Practices in an Automotive Workplace
  • PNG-AE-303 Diagnose and repair instruments and Warning Systems
  • PNG-AE-304 Diagnose and repair air conditioning and HVAC systems
  • PNG-AE-305 Demonstrate Knowledge of Petrol and Diesel Engine Operation
  • PNG-AE-306 Diagnose and Repair Electronic Spark Ignition Engine Management Systems
  • PNG-AE-307 Diagnose and Repair Electronic Compression Ignition Engine Management Systems
  • PNG-AE-308 Test, charge and replace batteries
  • PNG-AE-309 Diagnose and Repair Charging Systems
  • PNG-AE-310 Diagnose and Repair Starting Systems
  • PNG-AE-311 Diagnose and Repair Ignition Systems
  • PNG-AE-312 Repair Electrical System
  • PNG-AE-313 Service and Repair Electronic Body Management Systems
  • PNG-AE-314 Carry out Diagnostic Procedures